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'Ere, two for a pound madam?

That's me practicising my market trader voice... ;-)

I've been offered a stall tomorrow in Bridgend town centre during their Hallowe'en festival, which I'm also sharing with Steve Upham of Screaming Dreams.

Not sure how the day will go - hopefully it won't rain! - since a general stall is completely different to a Convention, but since it's not costing me anything then any sale will be a bonus.

It would be nice to be inundated by genre-hungry readers starved of quality fiction because the sf selection in the local Smiths is pretty paltry, but I doubt it...

Anyway, one mustn't grumble and it's more experience of "hand-selling" which I'm severely lacking - just take one look at Roy Gray of Interzone.

In other news, still typesetting Tony Richards' collection - though the artwork is done and on it's way to me; my time this week though has been curtailed by extra-curricular video-editing work. Sometimes it's quite a chore to be only IT literate bod within the extended family...

Mind you, I do enjoy putting together the odd family video - makes you wonder how complex a job it must be for  Thelma Schoonmaker to put together the likes of Goodfellas or Cape Fear (and editing can make or break a film, if you ask me!)
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