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A Hub of good news!

That oh-so good free PDF e-zine The Hub has a new review in the current issue (this is the direct link to the PDF file), and it cannot be faulted, "... the cover price seems, at first glance, a little on the high side, but the quality of the work makes New Writings worth every penny... quite possibly the most important anthology [..] to be published this year. Buy it."

And who am I to disagree? Buy it here and here - go on, it would make a perfect Christmas present.

In other news, the new revamped is progressing well - should be live early next month - unfortunately though it will mean a change to your bookmarks. More news soon.

Also, I should be picking up the first print run of Tony Richards' collection No-Man and Other Tales. This is pretty good with pre-order sales, and only those pre-ordered will be signed (unless of course you can make the launch), and the special pre-order price will only be valid until the new site goes live, so... buy it at the Pendragon website... now-ish.
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